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The perfect winter cologne by Jo Malone London

Mikhail Gomes

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This post: The perfect winter cologne by Jo Malone London

While perfumery can be an addictive affair for an enthusiast, Jo Malone almost always discovers a better and more intimate form of indulgence with their handcrafted fare. The year has just begun and Jo Malone has already debuted a new and exclusive fragrance as an extension to the classic ‘Cologne Intense’ capsule. The men’s cologne titled ‘Bronze Wood & Leather’ is a perfect blend of masculine leather notes and a touch of nature.

Jo Malone Bronze Wood & Leather cologne in 100-ml and 50-ml variants.

Making its debut in the cold month of January, the Bronzewood & Leather capsule is absolutely perfect for winters and months of fall. It’s sexy, smoky, warm, fresh and mysterious all at once. Enriched with precious and classic Jo Malone ingredients, Cologne Intense fragrances takes inspiration from the connections between man and nature, crafting and opulent and sensual scents. With its leather core being smoky and warm, the cologne does have a tinge of tropical notes too. The elements of juniper and fresh grapefruit finish-up with a mysterious and unique twist of vetiver. 


These are the compelling combinations as quoted by the London perfumery. Bronze Wood & Leather warms and intensifies other fragrances with soft and smoky woods and addictive leather. It can also be layered with another scent to suit a particular mood or style. That is the beauty of this fragrance.

Combine with Wood Sage & Sea Salt: Results in a fresh woody fragrance, with warming vetiver and guaiac wood enlivened with fresh sea salt.

Combine with Myrrh & Tonka: Layer together for an oriental, woody scent, enriched with deep, resinous myrrh and warmed with bronze wood.

Combine with Pomegranate Noir: A warm, intense combined fragrance, sensual with patchouli and guaiac wood, deepened with leather. 

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The Bronze Wood & Leather edition of Jo Malone’s Cologne Intense capsule will be available in Asia, mid-January. Prices: Rs. 11,000 for 100-ml and Rs. 7,500 for 50-ml.  

All Images: Courtesy Jo Malone London


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