These easy-to-follow tips will ensure that your interiors look perfect in 2019

January is all about new resolutions, your home included – you don’t want your space to look a decade old when the world around you is spinning a happy 2019. It needs yearly sprucing, and here are a few tips that will give you some design inspiration to freshen up your space.

Everything Terrazzo 

This post: These easy-to-follow tips will ensure that your interiors look perfect in 2019

Terrazo trends for interiors

This is the biggest interior design trend of 2019. Inspired by flooring, the coming year will see terrazzo make a comeback as wallpaper, upholstery, tables and even coasters. Depending on your decor style, it can toggle between being a backdrop and an accent.

Gilded furniture

Gilded furniture will big in 2019

Gilded furniture is here to stay, but we are talking a lot more rich, textured materials as opposed to solids. The texture helps add depth and contrast to your space, making it look more multi-dimensional.

Be experimental 

Artisanal Affair
Indulge in artisnal elements in 2019

Pastels and geometric shapes will take a backseat this year, the hottest design trend is to incorporate artisanal decor elements. Think experimental, new materials, new patterns and handmade things in smaller batches that flaunt their imperfections proudly. I for one am dying to upholster an ottoman with an orange Naga shawl.

High contrast neutrals

high contrasting neutrals
Neutrals are great when used in a contrast

While pattern play and maximal interiors are on the rise, 2019 will also see a lot of high contrast neutrals or pairing of dark and white neutral shades to achieve a chic contrast. Think deep grey on the walls.

Shades of green

Green walls
A dash of green is never a bad idea

Apart from being calming, sophisticated shades of green also complement natural materials that are increasingly being embraced. And if you didn’t have enough reason to love green already, here’s what paint and colour expert Annie Sloan thinks about it: “We haven’t seen green embraced so widely since the Art Deco movement of the 1920s, so it’s also a nod to those glory days of design and elegance. So be it mint, olive, lime or shamrock, go ahead and incorporate different tones of green in your interiors.

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