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These four incredible makeup trends will rule 2019, says M.A.C

As we officially enter spring this month, new products and makeup trends are everywhere. Should the eyes go bigger or the lips glossier? Do unicorn highlights work on dusky skin or will grey lipstick make one look too washed out? Makeup trends need definition, a path, and more importantly, a blueprint so one can practice the cat-eye better. According to M.A.C’s new trend book, it’s all about keeping style ageless, genderless, and fearless this season. Makeup this season makes has limitless possibilities and is more natural, real, and relatable. “Free- spirited, decluttered from convention, makeup artists are exploring the concepts of realness and relatability in beauty,” says Lyne Desnoyers, executive director of Makeup Artistry at M.A.C.

Trend 1: Dressed

This post: These four incredible makeup trends will rule 2019, says M.A.C

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The trend is classic and sophisticated but with a ‘more is more’ approach. The idea is to keep both eyes and lips bigger and glossier. The classics are renewed and revived with brown shadows, black liners, and rouged lips that are once again finished off with a sleek ease that’s wearable and relatable. Think about Bordeaux-sheened eyes, Sharpie-esque graphic liners, and red lipstick – it’s all about being ready for the big moment in your everyday life. The eyeshadows are glossed over with metallics and shimmers to give it a dressed up but earthy look. “The earthy metallics bring mystery and emotion to the eyes because they are tones that are naturally present in the skin,” says Lynsey Alexander, makeup artist with M.A.C. Liners are big too. “Get it on quickly, then take your time refining the edges with a Q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover,” instructs Alexander. The lips take a cue from 90s red. “Whether gloss, matte, satin, or blurred, the modernisation of the lip now is all about crafting and personalising it so that it’s believable and owned,” adds says Desnoyers.

Trend 2: Refined

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This one’s effortless with a pared-back aesthetic where the face is minimalistic and monotone, but with highlights and invisible accentuating accents that bring a certain sheen. Strong, gender-neutral, and easy-going. The look comes with opalescent highlights, an androgynous brow, and no mascara or lipstick, to give it a sleek, strong feel. “There is a luxury to it while the technicality of having no colour in the face brings a strength to the features,” says Alexander. Warmer highlights can push the luminosity higher. “Radiance from within,” says Desnoyers, pointing toward a palette of peaches, pinks, taupes, and reds. “These play with the undertones that are present in the skin.”

Trend 3: Healthy

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A natural, healthy glow that’s proof of skin that’s being taken care of – that’s how we see this trend. No more sculpted cheeks – this look relies on freshness. Polished and refined but with a certain realness, look out for sunset shades of pink and orange blended with the fingers. A blush tip: Place it centrally, but a little lower than usual to look more pared down. A natural, tanned look works when you use warmer hues as foundation to give that sun-kissed effect. Try the ‘spot tanning’ – add more blush over the nose and around the cheeks to give make the blush work like a bronzer.

Trend 4: Vibrant

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This one goes all out – big, bold eye makeup but more defined, more obvious, more statement-making. “To make one bold gesture of colour on the eyes is now something of a contemporary classic,” says Desnoyers. There’s more colour and less definition with liner or mascara – clean skin, strong brow, and natural lashes. Layer your brights, add more depth to the eyes or the lips. Try pumped up or twisted pastels, dirtied primaries, and mother-of-pearl finishes – anything that gives you that grand look. “Controlling the placement of intense colour so that it keeps the feeling of the person, rather than overwhelming their features, is essential,” says Baltasar Gonzalez Pinel, makeup artist with MAC. “Overdo it and it looks like theatre.” Try diffusing the eye and control the edges – strong but a laid-back definition.

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