Top 5 wearable tech accessories you need to buy now

It’s safe to say that modern technology is deeply embedded in our daily lives. It has also surpassed conventional boundaries of just being about features and utility – it is now striving towards elegance and better integration into our day-to-day hustle. And making a style statement along the way. In 2018, gadgets not only improved the quality of our lives but also stood out from the mundane by looking good. We take a look at the showstopping gadgets, the ones that went from utility to glamour real quick.  

Oura Ring  

This post: Top 5 wearable tech accessories you need to buy now

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Move aside wrist sleep-tracking devices – these rings are everyone’s latest fancy. The Oura is a sleek, metallic ring that fits according to your finger size, and customises comfort for you. It has one goal – to help you sleep better, and hence increase your daily efficiency. An Oura ring tracks your heartbeat, measures your respiratory rate, and gives insights about how proactive you’ve been. Given that it has an NTC Body Temperature Sensor, infrared LEDs, and gyroscope, all of this becomes easy. The ring comes in multiple variants, and is priced between Rs 21,000-70,000*.

Nadi x Yoga pants  


These customised Nadi X Yoga Pants by Wearable X are guaranteed to make you want to get into workout mode. They are Bluetooth enabled, and send vibrations across your legs while you’re doing yoga to help you determine your weak spots. All analysed date is recorded and stored using a Cloud, and is displayed using a smartphone app. New exercises on the app, pointers on improvement, and great aesthetics all come together to create the best yoga pants you could own. Priced at US$250, it will be available in India soon.

Bose Wearable Speakers  

Now for most part we’d opt for headphones to listen to music, but when you’re in a group, these speakers come as a blessing. Bose recently launched speakers that can be worn around the neck with a simple yet efficient concept of being able to stay connected with your surroundings while losing yourself in your music. Beyond day-to-day usage, it’s a great product for bikers and trekkers. While being sweat resistant, you also can change the cover of the speakers to options like Heather Grey, Midnight Blue or Dark Plum. Priced in India at Rs. 25,000*, excluding tax.

Puma RS Computer Shoes 

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The reputable shoe brand has relaunched its 1986 RS computer running shoe but with added features. The original came with a chip that could record your running time, distance, and calories, and the latest version comes with a USB port, LED indicators, accelerometres, and Bluetooth that connects with your phone, giving you easy access to all the data. It’s a literal fitness coach with every step you take. Staying true to the original design, the old school white dressed in grey stripes comes in a single colourway and is limited to 86 pairs while priced at US$650.

Bose AR Frames 

bose frames rondo style 3


bose ar prototype glasses 3


Bose has now introduced two designs of sleek frames that are audio enabled. To anyone else they’ll look like regular shades, but they have speakers fixed near the temples, giving you a personalised sound experience just like earphones but in a stylish manner. Dubbed as Alto and Rondo, male and female variants respectively, the Alto is squarer compared to the Rondo. Featuring metal hinges and nylon rims, they look good with any outfit. They are also the first in the world to have an audio-charged AR system, letting you experience gaming in a whole new light. Priced at Rs. 16,000* excluding tax. Availability in India is scheduled in January ’19.

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