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Treat yourself: Spa Esprit’s Star White Star Bright Facial

Newly launched two months ago at Spa Esprit, the Star Bright Facial is designed for busy individuals who need to give their skin a little pick me up. Packed full of proteins and vitamin C, the facial is designed to pamper the skin into a brighter, lighter complexion. The results include minimised pores and zero redness as the facial doesn’t include extraction. Instead, the focus is on a peeling liquid packed full of proteins and peptides followed by an AHA application.

But to start at the beginning, your skin can’t relax unless you do. So the treatment (like all the facials at Spa Esprit) starts with an inhalation process with gorgeously scented oils to smooth both body and mind. A quick acupressure application above the lip and at the temples also helps to get your mind off work and deadlines and focused on, well nothing. That’s the point after all.

This post: Treat yourself: Spa Esprit’s Star White Star Bright Facial

Spa Esprit Treatment Room WF
The new facials by Spa Esprit can be enjoyed at both the Paragon and Dempsey outlets.

Next the facial starts proper with a cleanse incorporating a herbal extract that stimulates the skin even while it removes all makeup and impurities as well as dead skin cells.

This is then followed by a peeling scrub that contains peptides as well as 1.8 per cent glycolic acid. After letting this sit for awhile, an enzyme peel with papaya and pineapple extracts is applied to remove dead skin cells. This sits for about five minutes to really dig into all the impurities lying beneath the skin while also improving skin regeneration. While such peels generally have a tendency to sting, this was extremely mild, so that the relaxation factor remains.

Spa Esprit Reception Area WF
Enjoy a warm cup of ginger tea post-treatment in the reception area.

Once that has been removed, a hydrating mist is spritzed to soothe the skin with Egyptian aloe vera and pure spring water. This prepares the skin for a heavy does of Vitamin C — 20 per cent pure in fact, which boosts collagen and reduces daily damage. This is the part that adds a good dose of radiance to your complexion, designed to reduce the signs of ageing.

This is followed by a massage using soothing facial cream with eight herbal extracts including ginseng and watercress that again, promotes skin regeneration as well as firmness and smoothness. This relaxing massage then gives way to a Comfort Cream Mask which heavily features vitamin E to protect against free radicals as well as shea butter to hydrate.

In just 75 minutes, you’ll find yourself leaving with pampered, beautifully bright skin with a soft, delicate texture and look that’s perfect for heading out for the rest of the day. Because there is no extraction, there’s no redness, and instead skin is comfortable and well-nourished. For those looking for a little youthful skin pick-me-up, this facial is both effective and time-efficient. Definitely worth wishing on a star for.

Star White Star Bright Facial is available at all Spa Esprit outlets, priced at $267.50 for 75 minutes.

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