Trending: Rum cocktails, Epicurean Market and Singapore Olympians

It’s been a whirlwind of a week, what with all the National Day festivities and the parade returning to the National Stadium after 10 years. But as the celebrations quieten down, we’ve got plenty more ideas to keep you entertained.

Even with Tuesday’s holiday, it’s been a long week, so unwind with some rum cocktails before battling the crowds to check out the Epicurean market. And if you want to look your best while cheering Singapore’s Olympians on, get some inspiration from our latest fashion spread and a round up of this month’s beauty buys.

This post: Trending: Rum cocktails, Epicurean Market and Singapore Olympians


Named for Bago’s owner, the Morris goes down easy, but has a strong kick at the end.

Head to Bago Bar for a weekend of rum cocktails and liming — the Caribbean style of chilling out. Head bartender Davide Boncimino mixes up a sweet, sour and spicy Caribbean Queen, and can enlighten you on the differences between Rum, Ron and Rhum which resulted from the periods of British, Spanish and French colonialism.


Trending Rum cocktails Epicurean Market and Singapore Olympians
Get your fill of southern comfort food with fried chicken and waffles, cut with watermelon pickles.

The Epicurean Market is a foodie haven. Now in its fourth installation, it promises more excitement than ever with celebrity chef demonstrations, culinary masterclasses and previews of the latest in Singapore’s food scene. We give you a peek of what to expect this weekend.


Trending Rum cocktails Epicurean Market and Singapore Olympians3
Champagne and shoe shopping sounds like a perfect day out.

Ahead of Edina and Patsy’s return to the big screen later this month, our latest Absolutely Fabulous-inspired shoot takes us back to the nineties. We’ve recreated the British comedy’s most iconic scenes, using some of Singapore’s very own “power couple” BFFs.


Trending Rum cocktails Epicurean Market and Singapore Olympians2
Give your skin an overnight boost with Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair capsules.

Once again, we’ve found you the best beauty buys for the month. From lip treatments to skin serums and eye creams, these are the solutions to all your needs.


Trending Rum cocktails Epicurean Market and Singapore Olympians1
Leonard Ong is Singapore’s first Olympic windsurfer in 32 years.

We’re not travelling this weekend, because it’s time to give our support to the athletes representing our nation at the Olympics. There have been highs and lows so far, but watch out for Saiyidah Aisyah in the rowing C/D semi-finals, shuttler Derek Wong in his last appearance at the games, Singapore’s biggest sailing team in history and of course, a little-known swimmer named Joseph Schooling.

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Examine beauty in chaos through Christian Dada and Nobuyoshi Araki’s Fall/ Winter collaboration.

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