Want a better night’s sleep? Try these local organic products

Are you finding it difficult to have a good night’s sleep? We’ve all been there. Getting enough quality shut-eye can be a difficult task at times, especially when you’re living a busy urban life, but we’ve got some secrets to help you sleep better. Perfect for those who prefer natural remedies, these sleep-friendly essentials will lead you to a peaceful and restorative slumber. From a bath treatment to an aromatic diffuser, these five organic essentials from local brands will ensure you a good quality night. 

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Best known for its therapeutic properties, chamomile tea (THB 150) is filled with highly active antioxidants and terpenoids, providing an effective relief from the main causes of insomnia, like anxiety and indigestion. This bioactive infusion will also increase the glycine level in your body, helping to ease muscle tension and eliminate mental stress. It’s best to sip a warm cup of chamomile tea 30 minutes before bed: The herbal tranquilliser will calm your mind and body, sending you off to a peaceful sleep.

This post: Want a better night’s sleep? Try these local organic products

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Nothing relaxes and refreshes your body after a long day of work like a warm, aromatic bath. Transform your bath ritual into a dreamy soak with Pañpuri Milk Bath & Massage Oil (THB 1,520). With its fresh, floral notes of jasmine and sunflower, this indulgent milk bath prepares your body for a good night’s sleep. The pampering bath treatment is also enriched with organic extracts of evening primrose and jojoba oil, which will soften your skin, giving it a naturally youthful elasticity. 



Treat your skin to a spa with Erb Elixir of Youth Organic Face Oil (THB 2,450). Infused with natural ingredients including rose hip and grape seed oil, it will help moisturise and rejuvenate your skin, offering immediate relief from tightness and dullness. The facial oil is also concentrated with vitamin E that gives your skin a healthy radiance. Before bedtime, apply tiny dots of the essential oil all over your face and gently massage it into your skin with your fingertips. This nourishing moisturiser will lull you to sleep with a relaxing, soothing sensation.



Give your bedroom a lovely shimmering ambience to fall asleep in with the Organika House Pure Aroma Massage Candle (THB 1,950). Not only will this candle exude a serene summery scent, but it also melts into a mild massage oil. With a warm blend of shea butter and magnolia extract, the body balm will stimulate blood flow, relieve muscle stiffness and reduce signs of ageing. Massage it tenderly around your neck and shoulder, while the aromatic scents are still in the air.

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A charming sleep inducer for your nightstand, this Sao Pepper & Lavender Diffuser Oil (THB 1,650) from Harnn‘s special Sapdahh collection will fill your room with a flowery and suave character. The fragrance diffuser features a seductive heart of lavender, heightened by a subtle touch of warm pepper. While the sweet lavender scent will quiet your inner turmoil, the luxurious pepper note will help you unwind. Sophisticated and unique, this Thai-inspired diffuser is an elegant artwork to add to any room décor, too.


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