We take a first look at Google’s Pixel Watch bolstered with Fitbit features

Google unveiled the Google Pixel Watch at its annual developer conference, the I/O 2022, on 11 May.

The Google Pixel Watch is the first smartwatch made by the company and will be a direct competitor to market leaders Apple and Samsung in the wearable watch segment.

This post: We take a first look at Google’s Pixel Watch bolstered with Fitbit features

Till now, Google provided its Wear operating system for wearable Android watches made by other companies but itself never created one.

Google Pixel Watch: specs and other details

Fitbit integration is the highlight

The Google Pixel Watch with other products showcased at the I/O 2022. (Image credit: Google)

The most unique feature of the watch is its operating system. The Google Pixel Watch combines the company’s Wear OS 3 with Fitbit health tracking. Google had acquired Fitbit in 2019 for USD 2.1 billion.

This was also highlighted by Rick Osterloh, senior vice-president of devices and services at Google, who presented the watch at the event.

According to the BBC, Osterloh said that the product was unique because of the combination of “Google’s ecosystem and Fitbit expertise”.

“My favourite thing about the watch is the deep integration with Fitbit. You can get insights in your health with continuous heart rate and sleep tracking. You can see your active zone minutes when you are working out and track your stats and progress against your personal fitness goals,” Osterloh said at the event.

“Google Pixel Watch is a natural extension of the Pixel family, providing help whenever and wherever you need it,” Osterloh added.

Wear OS 3 comes with new apps

The Wear OS 3 will provide both regular apps such as Google Maps and Assistant and new ones like Google Wallet and Google Home.

Another interesting feature is that it is 4G compatible, which means that it can function without being near a phone but will require its own data plan. The watch can only be paired with Android devices and both the phone and watch will have to be on the same network.

The Google Pixel Watch, which will be released in autumn, has a domed design and is made of recycled stainless steel. It comes with a side button and proprietary bands that are customisable.

The price of the watch was not revealed but according to Google, it would be a “premium product”.


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