What is BeReal, the app that is making everyone be more real?

BeReal, a new photo sharing app that lets you show your ‘real’ self without filters and edits, is here and changing the face of social media. Unlike other apps, the reason for making Gen Z glued to their phones is different for this app.

What is BeReal?

What the app is ‘not’ about

The app is totally opposite from other popular photo sharing apps. Aesthetically pleasing grids, heavily edited images for receiving likes and comments or becoming a social media influencer is not to happen on BeReal.

This post: What is BeReal, the app that is making everyone be more real?

How it works

Every day, at a random time, the app users are notified and asked to share a real-time image of themselves. Notably, the app allows both the front and back camera of the phone, to capture an image together. The users have exactly two minutes to take a picture of whatever they are doing at that moment and share it.

If for some reason, the user is not able to do so, they are unable to see images of their friends either. To up the fun quotient, the app also shares challenges from time to time. Users can have an interactive session based on the pictures with their friends, as the app allows comments as well.


Also, the creators of BeReal give warnings to their users, which exactly explain how the app is different from TikTok and Instagram. It says “BeReal won’t make you waste time. It is life, Real life, and this life is without filters. BeReal will challenge your creativity. BeReal is your chance to show your friends who you really are, for once.”

It adds, “BeReal can be addictive. BeReal might frustrate you. BeReal won’t make you famous. If you want to become an influencer you can stay on TikTok and Instagram. It may cause accidents, especially if you are riding bikes. BeReal is pronounced “BiRil”, not bereale, or Bèreol, it’s like B-Real from Cypress Hill. BeReal won’t let you cheat, you can try and if you manage to do so, come work with us.”

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