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Witness the magic of metals with Kansa Wand and it’s healing properties

Kansa wand, a magical tool carved out of the Ayurvedic roots is your gateway to a glass-looking skin. So, think no more, and get your hands on this tool which is taking the gram by storm.

Beauty seems like an extensive domain nowadays, not just because of new launches, but also because of the different schools of thought behind every concept. Well, being a skincare enthusiast I’m sure most of you are guilty of giving your skin a new companion almost every day, right? Speaking of which you all must’ve had your hands on the latest trend of jade rollers and gua sha, but what if we told you that it’s not a totally new concept? Introducing the Kansa wand, a dome-shaped face massaging tool made of copper and tin, and used to stimulate blood circulation. As intriguing and soothing as the concept sounds, it is a successor of a much older process. 

This post: Witness the magic of metals with Kansa Wand and it’s healing properties

The skincare domain is turning back the clock nowadays and bringing back the bygones with some of the most riveting benefits. Speaking of bygones, Ayurvedic practices are considered to be of utmost importance when it comes to skincare. Likewise, before these soothing face rollers, the Kansa wand or bell metal was the ultimate one-stop solution for all skin troubles.

Metals making magic: A peep into the enchanting concept of Kansa wand

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As per what the name suggests, Kansa wand is a combination of metals marking the advent of an all-rounder product into the skincare game. This 5,000-year-old facial technique has the ability to predate all your face massagers and carve a permanent spot for itself on your skincare shelves. The magical prowess of the product lies in the dome-shaped ends of the wand. All you need to do is apply a few drops of your daily oil/serum and start massaging with this magical wand in circular motions. 

From handling your sleepless nights to giving you an instant glow right before you step out, the Kansa wand sure is the one-stop shop for a soothing texture. The soothing properties of the Kansa metal stimulate blood circulation and pump more oxygen into the blood, evicting the breakouts on your face. Furthermore, if you’re having trouble awakening your face, well then say no more as the soothing strokes of the Kansa wand are here to your rescue. From sleeping at night to waking up in the morning, this magical wand swears by a refreshing routine for not just your face, but for your body too. 

It’s time to add Kansa wands to your carts

After all this hype, I’m sure that you’d wish to get your hands on some of the best Kansa wands so we’ve got your backs as we have an alluring listicle of brands all set to fulfil your demands. So, get your serums a permanent BFF and add these wands into your carts before they’re all out.  

Kansa wand for face and body

Kansa wand for face and body

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